Often referred to as the 'Archaeological Capital of the Americas' Cusco is a beautiful city riddled with contrasts between the indigenous styles and the modern western world. It is these contrasts that have given Cusco its rare beauty.

Pisac Town & Market:

Pisac is a picturesque Andean Village best known for its Sunday market. Villagers from miles around gather to barter and sell their produce. In the market you can buy a wide variety of handicrafts. Pisac is a good place to buy the local ceramics including a huge and varied collection of hand-painted multi-colored beads.

Daily Yoga and Meditation: 

Strengthen your Spiritual practice. Allow you energy to raise and you enjoy the natural power of this sacred retreat center in the Sacred Valley of The Inkas. Start each day with a guided meditation and Yoga flow to set the intention for your day.

Organized Day Trips

Machu Picchu:

The ruins of Machu Picchu, rediscovered in 1911 by Yale archaeologist Hiram Bingham, are one of the most beautiful and enigmatic ancient sites in the world. While the Inca people certainly used the Andean mountain top (7972 feet elevation), erecting many hundreds of stone structures from the early 1400's, legends and myths indicate that Machu Picchu (meaning 'Old Peak' in the Quechua language) was revered as a sacred place from a far earlier time.